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Statues & Sculptures

Statues & Sculptures
Model: MD6464191
Leather Lion Door Stopper Kids Animal Toys Cute Household Doorstop Home Decoration Accessories Morden Art Leather SculptureDescription:This lion toy is a great door stop for your bedroom, kid’s room or play room. It is heavy-weighted and will hold the door open with ease. Use this decorative doorsto..
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Model: MD6464190
Tooarts Cool Metal Sculpture Metal weaving house Home Furnishing Articles Handicrafts Escultura Home Art DecorationThis metal braided horse artwork is designed and handmade by an experienced artist. The red house roars and neighs with its head held high, looking extraordinary and full of momentum. A..
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Model: MD6464189
Description: This is a stretching cat sculpture originally designed by Tomfeel artist. The dynamic motion is lazy and natural. It looks extraordinary fashionable and decorative. Suitable for all kinds of indoor decoration: living room, study room, bedroom, etc. Features: Originally designed byTomfee..
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Model: MD6464188
Tooarts Metal Sculpture Weaving Horse Iron Sculpture Home Decoration Crafts Animal Sculpture Artwork For Home OfficeDescription: This is an iron horse artwork hand-crafted by the artist. The horse head holds high and chests out, whining loud, very vigorous and full of momentum. The model is filled w..
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Model: MD6464187
Tooarts Puppy Storage Plate Iron Sculpture Animal Figurine Creative Storage Box Holder Practical Ornament Craft GiftDescription: Come and take a look. This is more than a lovely puppy, it is also a handmade iron storage plate. There is a spring between the dog's head and the plate. By touching i..
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Model: MD6464186
Metal Weaving Cattle Red Iron Sculpture Abstract Figurine Modern Art Home Decoration Animal Craft Gift Sculpture Modern ArtDescription:This iron-made cattle is an ornamental artwork crafted by a contemporary artist. The cattle raise its right foreleg to step backward and its body leaning forward, wh..
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Model: MD6464185
Tooarts Awesome Metal Sculpture Raising Head Iron Art Elephant Home Furnishing Articles Home DecorationThis is a metal sculpture of an raising head elephant. Elephant symbolizes auspicious. It is manually finished with many kinds of wrought iron molding methods by the old craftsman. The beautiful an..
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Model: MD6464184
Tooarts Monkey Carrys Baby Metal Sculpture Iron Sculpture Abstract Sculpture Modern Sculpture Home Decoration Ornament GiftDescription: This is a funny sculpture of a monkey carrying its baby. It is hand-welded with iron pipes of varied shapes and thickness, looks concise and abstract. The body was ..
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Model: MD6464183
Wine Rack with Saxophone Iron Animal Figurine Practical Ornament Music Style Sculpture Wine stand Home Decoration Interior CraftDescription:Look at this distinguished wine rack! Wait, it is a puppy which is playing saxophone~ LOL This animal wine rack is hand welded by professional artisans, and was..
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Model: MD6464182
Description: This is an original sculpture designed by the Tomfeel artist.Thishuman shaped lovers sculpture shows the lovers’ daily scene vividly with exaggerated artistic expression technique, which is very interesting and of high-class taste. Suitable for modern home decoration, it brings your hou..
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Model: MD6464181
Tooarts Blue Tropical Fish Glass Sculpture Glass Fish Sculpture Modern Art Favor Gift Artwork Home DecorationDescription:This is a blue tropical fish glass sculpture hand-blown by craftsmen. The details have been dealt with fine skin texture processes, makes the fish vivid and beautiful in color. Yo..
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Model: MD6464180
Tooarts Music Figurines Band Playing Music Craft Player Metal Sculpture Handmade Paint Technology Home Decoration AccessoriesDescription: This is a special sculpture in rock and roll style. The sculpture is about a drum player who devoted himself into playing. The image of the sculpture is vivid, an..
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